Office Design: Top Five Modern Features

How can we cater to introverts in the modern office?
September 27, 2016
October 6, 2016
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Office Design: Top Five Modern Features

Whether you need to arrive for a meeting in style, or effectively utilise it as an escape route for the 5 o’clock dash, there’s nothing better than having a trusty slide to hand for the most important of situations.

Even if you are just looking to be first in the lunch time cafeteria queue, no modern, multi-floor office is complete without one. Check it out below:

Arrive in Style - Front Reception Office Slide System

Need we say more…

Feature Two: Typographical Walls

Knowledge is power” they say and of course that is completely true. It’s always nice to inform and inspire those who not only visit your offices, but most importantly, those who work within the facilities. The simple use of stencilled typography can help to give your employees a much-needed push towards that desired eureka moment, helping to boost problem-solving initiative or on the other hand, just to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Either way, it can certainly make a company look more intellectual, classy and profound. (Time to get the specs on!)

The Intellectual Edge - Stencilled Wall Typography Feature

Feature Three: Break-Out Areas

From beach front receptions to casual and colourful lunch spots, we all need a great little get away to remove us from the bustling work-place environment. Keep it sharp and styled, add in a little TV, perhaps a gaming area, whatever you need to make your employees feel most comfortable so that they can work most efficiently. Champion the social activity of your employees when at work to deliver the best results!

Time for an SEC Interiors showcase (below) – check out our case study selections to see how we can make your office stand out and look the part.

SEC Interiors colourful and refreshing break out area for TrustFord Colchester

Feature Four: Office & Rooftop Gardens

Looking for that inner zen, a peaceful place to collect your thoughts, recharge your batteries and so on, well look no further. Allowing your employees to reconnect with their natural side in a tranquil and relaxing environment can be key to boosting worker morale. Check out Patricia Fox’s Award Winning ‘Rooftop Workplace of Tomorrow’ Garden (featured below) But remember, this one can be a rather pricey option…

Find Your Inner Zen - Patricia Fox's Rooftop Workplace of Tomorrow

Feature Five: The Only Limit Is Your Imagination…

Want to build your offices out of shipping containers instead of traditional modern office design, or perhaps grow a garden in the kitchen? Well, there is literally no limitation or barrier as to what can be created and implemented now.

Check out Palotta Teamworks & Clive Wilkinson Associates fantastically unique creation below. Throw in a water feature or two, pastel coloured decorations and furnishings, and perhaps even a little smart car to skirt around in (for warehouse-sized offices only!) and there you have it, a truly innovative solution that doesn’t just comprise of one fantastic feature, but many, if not all of the best features in modern office design today…

The Office of the Future - Pallotta Teamworks Shipping Containers

So there you go guys, my top five modern office design features. If you’re looking for help on how to build the perfect office reception, walkthroughs for office partitioning or industrial partitioning installation or you just want to see what can be achieved, then give Modern Office a call to see how we can build the ultimate office for you.

Author – Adam Bissmire-Mullen

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